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Beta testing (discussion of the functional beta version)
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Автор:  Alex [ 14 июн 2012, 21:51 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Beta testing (discussion of the functional beta version)

This topic is a discussion only to the current functional beta versions MicroGIS Viewer.

- Before asking a question, please read the FAQ.
- When the radius of the defect seen the program (crash, crash, etc.), do not rush just to write on the board. Try to repeat his actions and find a pattern. In this case, the developer fixes the problem quickly.
- In the description of the problem, found bugs, crashes describe your actions step by step. That is so that they could be repeated.
- At the end of the message, include: test version of software, operating system name.
For example: MGE v1.0.5.327b + Win7x64

In this theme, the use of red color in messages is prohibited.

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